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Pokemon Go! was just a sneak peek of what is to come with AR Gaming

By judging statistics of the 2016 "Pokémon GO!" release, we see that Augmented Reality has a remarkably high consumer demand. The game had an immediate viral effect right from launch. In Quarter 3 of 2016, it accounted for 45% of total time users spent playing android games. The game encourages players to get out of the house and explore the real world populated by AR creatures.

Game Features

The game scatters virtual creatures called Pokémon into the real world, and the goal is to catch them all. Using only a cell phone, users venture out to search, battle, and collect the digital creatures. The app scans your surroundings and uses the information to decide what type of Pokémon are nearby. If you are walking near a lake or stream, you will be more likely to encounter a water element based Pokémon. When you see a Pokémon, it appears to be part of the real-world as seen through your cell phone display.

Today in 2018, Pokémon Go! is still the most notably popular AR game to hit the mass market. Parents, players, and the communities responded very well to the game. It is the first game of it's kind to encourage physical activity and social interaction.

Pokemon Go! was just a sneak peek of what is to come with AR Gaming
Pokemon Go! was just a sneak peek


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