• Eugène Kuipers

The 'Cyclopean Age' of AR

What if you could use a smartphone to blend your real world with a digital world filled with engaging virtual objects? The real world where you interact with real people as you simultaneously explore and share a virtual environment filled with interactive virtual objects and engaging online content?

You can, and all you need is a smartphone or set of smart glasses.

Currently, we live in what is called the 'Cyclopean Age' of AR, ordinary smartphone AR (engines or chips?) see from one single camera displaying only one screen, for example, an iPhone 8 Plus.

By implementing new advancements in SLAM technology, smartphone users will be able to immerse themselves in an environment that is being continuously scanned by augmented computer vision. Devices will be able to track and learn from unknown environments, bringing world scale mobile AR experiences to ordinary smartphone users.

Soon, mobile devices will enter the consumer market with spec requirements reduced to low-end processors, sensors, and cameras. More affordable AR-enabled smartphones are expected to bring the AR experience to hundreds of millions of users for the first time in 2018, by including AR effects on the native camera app.

The 'Cyclopean Age' of AR

You will no longer need to fear running head-on into a stranger when walking and texting in public. Mobile AR makes it possible to attach your smartphone screen to a digital heads-up display (HUD) with a transparent background so that you can keep a clear outer and peripheral vision.

We are witnessing the evolution of Cyclopean" tunnel vision changing into a world of immersive image where we can freely move in a world surrounded by a mixed view of real people, digital holograms, and online content.

Be prepared to be WOW-ed!

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