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We changed our name!

Now starts the era

of content creators

Start creating your own Augmented and Virtual Reality experiences

Unlimited potential

With over 1 billion smartphones worldwide supporting AR, this is the moment to get started.

Fectar works on your smart phone, your tablet, your website and AR / VR headsets!


The World's First Content Management System for Augmented & Virtual Reality

Create, view and share
your AR & VR creations

SpotOn is all about creating traction for your AR projects 


Fectar Studio


Fectar App


App, Social Media & web

Immerse yourself in Augmented and Virtual Reality within minutes

Fectar works on Android and Apple mobile devices! With new advances in AR & VR Technology, you can create, share and interact with virtual content placed in the real world, directly from your mobile device. No technical skills required!


We changed our name!

Get Fectar for iOS and Android

Now available in the app stores


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