Augmented Reality in Retail

The revolution starts here, today!

Shopping is changing and so is customer behaviour. A new wave of innovation is ready to launch, poised to transform all retail sectors as customers’ expectations continue to grow. Innovation will help retailers stay relevant. Today, you can start with AR, with SpotOn.

With SpotOn technology of Augmented Reality has become accessible to all companies. SpotOn makes a substantial impact on a customer journey at every stage. In-store deployment goes without complications and guides customers to your products. In house product presentation show high conversion rates.

Start early, Learn fast, Try it out Today!

This is the moment to get ahead of the competition.

AR is the next big thing in Retail and you can start learning it today.

3D Products

A whole new experience

Customers can browse and purchase your products in Augmented Reality.


3D Shopping Cart

Seeing is buying
A brand new shopping cart experience, appearing right before your eyes.

Story telling

Tell your story
Add value to your brand and product line by immersing your audience with your virtual storyline.

Product instructions

Make it easy

Provide technical support or FAQ in a Mixed Reality Environment.

Holographic Sales

Anyplace, anytime

Employ a holographic shopping assistant to help your customers find what they are looking for.

Virtual Showroom

Pop Up Showroom

Showcase your best products, digital content, or works of art from any "spot" in the world.

.....and more solutions with SpotOn are possible in Retail.
Go beyond your imagination! Don't wait, innovate!

Know your AR customers

Take the guesswork out of learning your customers' behavior. With data-driven insights from SpotOn Studio Analytics Center, you can rapidly advance your customers's experience until you pinpoint it, Spot On!

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