• Eugène Kuipers

New jobs and New business models

It is likely that AR will quickly spread into the business world. The industrial impact of mass adoption will have a powerful effect on the job market.

The creation of these applications requires quite a bit of data and coding. This could inject hundreds to thousands of good-paying jobs into the market over the next few months. Computer Mobile Programming have grown tremendously for over a decade, in both industrial demand and available workforce.

Industries should be ready for AR to be a disruptive to business technology, as it may force business to reevaluate the distribution of their budget. Since real-time results will help with risk assessment and other financial data. Businesses can make more informed decisions about where to spend their dollars. Profitable market investments will give indicators for marketing opportunities and help companies save money with clean and effective budgeting.

Changes will need made to stay competitive and up to date once the latest developments in mixed reality reaches the consumer market. Companies should budget more fund toward mathematics, economics, computer science, and statistics.

Augmented should not be disregarded as a future technology. Every company should have a strategy for AR integration, to be prepared for the changes that are coming soon. Businesses should begin preparing virtual world marketing strategies now.

New jobs and new business models

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