Our Team

Eugène Kuipers

CEO - Founder

More than 20 years of experience as an entrepreneur of multiple fast growing start ups. But never came across disruptive technology as impactful as AR.
This is the moment…..

Rens Lensvelt

AR/ VR Software Wizard - Co-Founder

Already years ago, Rens got exited by AR and VR technology and its impact on our society. He has extended knowledge and experience in this field. Always energetic, he envisions our children’s future.

Dennis de Laat

CMS Magician - Co-Founder

Having worked on the largest and most complex websites, content management holds no more secrets for Dennis.
With lightning speed he solves any challenge.

Ankie Banfi

Financial Controller

With a keen eye on finance, she gets the numbers. Like, really gets the numbers. She is our secret force behind our growth.

Bram van Vugt

3D ARtist

Started in 3D animations, his 3D works now enters into the realm of reality. Immersive AR with animated content is his speciality. He redefines our reality.

Koen van Lin

Code Knight

Why does the Fectar app run so smooth? Three words: Koen van Lin.

Mark de Laat

AR Protagonist

Mark sees a bright and positive future. He was born with a smile on his face and a brain made for innovation. Sales is about relations and Mark is the best friend of all our customers and partners!

Yvonne Hoogveld

Positive Force

Fectar would not have been possible without Yvonne, for many reasons. With her help we are shaping SpotOn into a real productive and profitable company.


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"Well, if we started," Pippi said. "First of all, I would like to buy a piano."

"Yes, but Pippi", Tommy said, "you can not play the piano anyway?"


"How can I know that if I have never tried it", Pippi replied. "I have never had a piano to try. And let me tell you, Tommy, playing piano without piano, that takes a lot of effort to learn. "

From: "Pippi Longstocking Goes on Board"

Are you up for a challenge?

Imagine going on a trip. 


But you don't know where you are heading, how to get there and what you will experience along the way.


But what you do know that it is fun to travel with great people on a fun journey.


Join us to boldly go...yada yada yada!

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